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Advanced Medical Research 
Advanced Medical Research

Advanced Medical Research (AMR) was founded in 2005 by Dr. Nizar Daboul, a Board Certified Internist and a proven leader with over 16 years of clinical research experience. We are an independent, multi-therapeutic outpatient Clinical Research Center located in Maumee Ohio. AMR has an extensive quality assurance program in place to ensure that the quality of both patients and the data we produce are up to, if not surpass industry standards. We have passed many sponsor audits with no findings and pride ourselves on the work that we produce.

Our Staff

The AMR clinical trial team consist of 1 Principle Investigator, 1 Sub-Investigator, 3 full time Research Coordinators and 1 Research Regulatory Administrator. Our professional healthcare team combined has over 15 years of research experience. AMR's team is dedicated to patient care and safety.

What is Clinical Research?

Clinical Research is a branch of medical science used to determine the safety and effectiveness of medications. A clinical trial is a research study used to determine whether drugs and/or treatments are safe and effective. Carefully conducted trials are the fastest, safest and most effective way to determine what works.

Why Volunteer?

Clinical trials need volunteers who are motivated by the desire to help others who share their same disease. Other volunteers needed are those who are just looking to receive a new and possibly more effective treatment than what is currently available. 

Research volunteers will receive extra attention from our medical staff and receive medical care and education about their condition. We also offer efficient, short waiting times in our office.

Volunteers in our studies receive one-on-one medical care. They also receive EKG's, labs, physical examinations, and the medication at no cost to them or their insurance. Monetary compensation for time and travel are also provided to clinical research volunteers.
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