Advanced Medical Research 


Clinical Research in which new medicine or treatment methods are tested on human subjects are a critical component of medical research. But what makes someone decide to participate in a clinical trial? Here are just a few reasons why to volunteer for a clinical trial.


    • If you are suffering from a disease, a clinical trial could gain you access to treatment otherwise unavailable to you.
    • If you have exhausted all standard options for treatment, a clinical trial might offer a new option that helps where standard therapies have failed.
    • Participating in a clinical trial is an important way to contribute to a vast body of medical research.
    • Clinical trials need to include a diverse group of subjects to be fully effective. If you belong to a minority group, your participation can be even more vital.
    • Your participation in a clinical trial could lead to a new treatment that helps someone you care about.
    • Free medical care. Subjects in a clinical study will generally be monitored closely by a physician. All necessary exams, lab work and medications are typically provided free of charge.
    • Participation in clinical trials can be a way to volunteer for a cause that is important to you.
    • You might find a better treatment option with fewer side effects.
    • In some cases you will be compensated for your time and inconvenience.
    • You might learn something new.



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